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The brownie Diary B sides and every day life
The life and times of Jon Juliano

I always wanted to be original; originally
But now i'm at Starbucks writing and attempting to be artsy
Wearing airforce ones and an Urban outfitters tee
I'm as original as everone else seems to be
I wonder if the spirits of Kurt Cobain and Elliot Smith ever share thoughts
    over coffee
Lighting their 20th cigarette while deep in discussion; 
They conclude their stories have no heroine.
Hopes and dreams are useless
                                     So i forget my original intentions like a race riot
My new goal in life is to aim low like a nine eleven pilot

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 nasir jones, marlyn manson, and the girl from the eurythmics all said the phrase, "everybody's looking for something," in the song sweet dreams (or street dreams in nas's case).  In on the Road all of Kerouac's characters/real life friends and the main character himself, kerouac travel the country searching for a feeling or maybe even a movement portrayed by hidden cultures of certain cities.  Im Caroll in basketball diaries also traveled, using his veins as (get) highways, and a needle as his mode of transportation.  Everybody is in fact searching for something, its just that nobody seems to know what that something is, and nobody ever asks for directions.  When youre lost while driving, gas stations always help you out.  Why is it that a gas station employee is more helpful than God
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 I think he best thing about Christmas time are the ingenius, and not obnoxious at all christmas songs that commercials and tv shows show people carroling eventhough not one person knows anybody that has ever carolled door to door before.  These songs are also sung at the end of tv shows by a group of people after there c hristmas almost gets ruined.  I do have to give credit for the person that did the rudolph remix.  you know the song that says like a lightbulb, and infers that monopoly is a reindeer game even though hooves can't hold thimbles because deer don't have thumbs.   Whoever remixed that song is brilliant, a timbaland of his time...
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when i die fuck it i wanna go to hell
Because im a piece a shit it ain't hard to fucking tell
It don't make sense goin to heaven with them goodie goodies
dressed in white i like black tims and black hoodies
God will probably have me on some real strict shit
no sleepin all day no getting my dick licked
Hangin with the goodie goodies loungin in paradise 
Fuck that i wanna tote guns and shoot dice

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true or false clementines are just the lazy mans orange eventhough they taste better

Current Mood: bored

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a certain somebody made me watch the notebook this weekend.  It might have been the worst movie i have ever seen...ever. the only good parts about the movie is ryan gossling is actually a good actor, and it is like romantic porn for girls

whats wrong with the movie

1. the obvious uses of black and white clothes to show dark and light characters and moods
2. ryan gossling's cliche i have a beard and i am wearing white im supposed to resemble jesus look, which is obvious in the rain which is like noahs arc
3.  how unreal it is for him to climb a ferris wheel to charm a girl which in real life he would just be creepy
4.  the two old people in the end just dying together randomly for no apparent reason
5. how the old guy looks nothing like ryan gossling

and thats all that sticks out b'c i just heckled the movie the entire time and didn't pay too much attention
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 i wish i could be good enough for, her, she sees me in such a negative light.  I am so afraid i will never be able to reach what she wants me to be.  she judges me with rock hard eyes which only makes me look inward and hate myself more. i wish i could be good enough for her
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It took seven days for the sun to die

And no words could describe how beyond beautiful it was.

Sherbert shaded the acid wash sky

And I sat on a hill above the world watching it all.

The grass felt like straw, and I said “Hold your horses.”

I wasn’t ready for the world to not exist

So I readjusted the way I was sitting and a cigarette was lit

I took drags as the sun started to say goodbye,

I told him he could rest in my two fingers as I threw up a peace sign

It’s better to burn out than to fade away

But the sun is the only thing that does both.

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 FUCK THE RIAA  It shouldn't be illegal to download music.  All that fucking corporation does is go after poor college kids, and older people with 20 songs on their computers and sue them for absurd ammounts of money.  That corporations is evil.  This is fucking bullshit.  I don't have five thousand dollars.  I was supposed to go to china, now that money will have to pay for this fucking settlement.

I'm sorry i steal music.  I didn't make a profit off of it.  i wasn't bootlegging cd's on the street.  I downloaded music.  If i didn't download music i wouldn't have listened to most of the music i have on my ipod.  i wouldn't have known about certain artists, who don't get airplay, and i wouldn't have fallen in love with their music.  This is fucking bullshit.  I shouldn't have to pay 5,000 dollars.  I guess in actuality i probably downloaded a few thousand dollars worth of music.  But it's fucking bullshit that they waste money on exploiting college kids. 

All they care about is squeezing money out of me.  They don't care about why perhaps people do steal music.  Maybe people downlad music because it costs artists under five dollars to make a cd, but then they sell their album for 20.  Maybe the RIAA is only cracking down on downloaders because CD sales are down.  Why could that be? Huh? Maybe it's because nobody WANTS TO FUCKING BUY SOULJA BOY OR FIFTY CENT.  people do stil buy that shit but only realize how bad it is, and how much they regret the purchase only after listening to it a few times.


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i love mozzerella and i would have done anything for it but thank god
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